COVID-19 Transfer FAQ

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Yes. Transferable courses in which a grade of P+ is earned in Spring 2020 will transfer and apply to appropriate degree requirements.

Yes. Transferable dual enrollment courses in which a grade of P+ is earned in Spring 2020 will transfer to VCU and apply to appropriate degree requirements.

School of Nursing: No impact

College of Engineering: No impact

School of the Arts: No impact

School of Education: No impact

College of Health Professions:

School of Dentistry (Dental Hygiene): Prefers a letter grade on admission prerequisite courses but will accept P+ grades (see admission prerequisites on the School of Dentistry website

A grade of P+ on a spring course will have no impact on the student meeting a major requirement of a grade of B or higher.

A grade of P+ in a spring course will have no impact on the Guaranteed Admission Agreement requirements.

A grade of P+ on a spring course will be used to satisfy the pre-req for a major-specific course that normally requires a minimum grade.

The changes to the administration of AP, IB, and A-Level exams will not affect how credit is awarded to eligible students at Virginia Commonwealth University. VCU aims to support AP, IB, and A-Level test-takers affected by COVID-19 by accepting the alternate examination process administered by each testing agency. Please see the VCU Bulletin for accepted exams, required scores, and equivalent credit information.

Students who will be receiving academic credit for modified exams are encouraged to speak with their VCU academic advisor to determine the best course of action for Fall 2020 classes.


You should request your final transcript(s) as soon as you have received grades from your last semester of enrollment and/or had your associate’s degree conferred.

Once you have accepted the offer of admission, you will be emailed information about orientation and instructions for course registration. Beginning as early as April 25th, you will work with your VCU academic advisor to select an appropriate set of classes.

VCU is planning to provide online orientation resources if the in person summer orientation is cancelled.  VCU will email information to incoming students.  You can check updates on the new student orientation website -  

Housing is not guaranteed for transfer students; however, students interested in living on-campus should submit an application for on-campus as soon as possible after they have been offered admission and accept their offer of admission.

No, it is not too late to apply for financial aid.  Students are still encouraged to submit FAFSA.

June 1 is the deadline for responding to your offer of admission if the admission decision letter was received before May 1; if received after May 1, you must respond within two weeks. Applicants accepted to programs on the MCV Campus must follow departmental deadlines. Students who are receiving a scholarship or financial aid, may request a tuition deposit waiver by submitting the Response form, along with appropriate supporting documentation.

Yes. The VCU Office of Admissions is still accepting transfer applications for Fall 2020.

A comprehensive list of transferable courses can be found on the Transfer Center’s website: Courses listed are transferable to VCU with a grade or Pass equivalent to a C- or higher. If you do not see a course you have taken, please submit a Transfer Advising Request

Transfer students should also submit official transcripts from any dual enrollment courses, Advanced Placement (AP) exams, International Baccalaureate (IB), or other sources of academic credit if they wish to have those credits applied to their VCU degree.