Partnerships and agreements

The Transfer Center has several initiatives designed to help students make the most of their VCU experience. 

Explore options for transferring to VCU

VCU has various types of agreements with other institutions to make transferring here seamless.

Admission agreements

VCU has entered into admission agreements with a number of institutions. These agreements stipulate the requirements for guaranteed admission to VCU through completion of an associate degree.

STEM Transitions

We offer resources and support for students at John Tyler and Reynolds community colleges who plan to transfer to VCU to complete their bachelor’s degree in a math or science discipline.

Pathways to VCU

We provide support and guidance for students pursuing select arts and humanities degrees during their studies at John Tyler and Reynolds community colleges, and as they transfer to VCU.

Military students

VCU recognizes and values the experience of our students who have served — and are serving now — in the U.S. military.