International Transfer Credit

Transfer Your International Credits to VCU

VCU welcomes applicants with credit from international postsecondary institutions and will consider for transfer eligible courses that:

  • are taken through institutions approved by the Ministry of Education (or other appropriate governmental agency) of the country in which the institutions are located or are accredited by one of the regional accrediting organizations in the U.S.
  • are evaluated to be university-level courses
  • have grades equivalent to a C- or higher

The VCU Transfer Center evaluates international undergraduate transfer credit, reviewing the course content as well as how the credits and grades transfer to VCU. 

Students seeking undergraduate transfer credit from international institutions are required to submit: 

  • Official transcripts from each postsecondary institution attended sent directly to VCU from the institution
  • An official course-by-course evaluation in English completed by a member of one of the following organizations for all postsecondary studies completed outside the U.S. unless the institution holds regional accreditation in the U.S. GPA and degree equivalencies must be included in the course-by-course evaluation. All fees charged by translators or external evaluators must be paid by the student.
    • National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. A list of current member organizations can be found on the NACES website.
    • Association of International Evaluators, Inc. A list of current members can be found on the AICE website.

The VCU Transfer Center may require additional information to evaluate your coursework for the appropriate transfer credit. To assist in the accurate transfer of international credit, a detailed course description or course syllabus in English may be requested for each course being considered for transfer. Courses for which a detailed course description or syllabus are not provided may only be eligible to receive transfer elective credit. 

Please note the following:

  • Courses graded on a Pass/Fail scale do not transfer.
  • English language and writing courses completed through institutions without U.S. regional accreditation do not transfer. 
  • Catalog course descriptions or syllabi are required for courses being considered for transfer. 
  • The course information must be in English. If your institution does not issue English-language course descriptions, you may use a certified translator. 
  • Please submit course descriptions to the Transfer Center in a timely manner. Delayed information may impact registration for future courses. 
  • VCU can accept up to 90 credits for transfer. 

Questions about the transfer of international courses to graduate programs at VCU should be directed to the graduate program director for the relevant program.